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The New York Times descends on Austin for the 2013 South by Southwest Interactive festival.
The decline of larger companies did allow us to become the underdog. If Nokia or Kodak comes out with a new huge digital camera, we don’t care. it doesn’t affect us.

In a afternoon panel called “Being Considered Obsolete is Awesome,” Alexandra Klasinski, the online US head of Lomography, a film community and social network, said that the world of analog photography is alive and well. Ms. Klasinski said that her company, which sells film cameras like the Holga that come outfitted with neat lenses and filters that allow light to leak in and other quirks to give the resulting photographs a vintage, washed out effect, is thriving. The company, which invites users to upload their photos online, has collected more than 10 million photos and garners 3 million visits to its site each month. “We’ve released 20 different kinds of film and more are on the way,” she said. — Jenna Wortham